Rockford Moppa Springs Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2006

Sealed under cork. 54% Grenache, 34.5% Mataro and 11.5% Shiraz. 14.8% abv. A sweet nose, red liquorice, dried mushroom earthiness and some porty characters. Palate is short and spirity, disappearing like a Fevola in an airport. Some char on the finish. Simple. Not really recommended. One of my last mailing lists, but hmmmm, maybe not much longer. I still remember my first visit to the cellar door in 1988, buying the ’86 Basket Press Shiraz, having a great time. But I am getting sentimental. Fresh on the tasting horizon is a bottle of 2009 Benevelli Langhe Nebbiolo…. looking forward to it.

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