Miscellany III

Not really miscellany – the wine list from a 50th Birthday celebration.

10 Rudi Pichler Weissenkirchner Achleithen Smaragd Riesling: Big rich botrytis driven style from Austria.  Others liked this more than me.
09 Kistler McRae Vineyard Chardonnay:  Nice wine that’s seen a lot of winemaking.
04 Dom Perignon:  Lovely as usual
11 Bindi Quartz Chardonnay:  A real surprise – served blind I thought this was chenin blanc such was the juicy acid edge on this.  Lovely wine.
08 Vietti Scarrone VV Barbera:  Aah I love top end Barbera, and this is a real winner.
09 Il Carbonaione Sangiovese:  Also liked this, an example of warm climate wine done realyl well.  i thoguht this was Spanish or Portugese, it was so similar in flavour profile to the juiciness that can come frmo Touriga in a VP.
03 Quinta de Pancas Premium: This is Portugese, and showed as hot and a tad disjointed.
10 Rippon Emma’s Block Pinot Noir:  Not the right place in a tasting for this wine.  I loved it, but others at the table described it as “fruit slut”.  In Central Otago context it definitely isn’t. but thats more a comment on Central style pinot vs rest of the world..
89 Chateau Labergorce Zede:  Another wine that should have come out earlier – Mature Margaux that was quite enjoyable in its cigar box wrapper.
10 Ornellaia: The anniversary bottling.  Iv’e seen this described elsewhere as tannic and monolithic – not on this showing.  Seemed quite integrated and approachable for  such a young wine, despite being a bit closed.
10 Bass Philip Premium:  Also came out out of order, and I only got a quick sip.  i tihnk I enjoyed it
05 Bouchard la Vigne de l’Enfant Jesus:  And a cracker to finish the night in alcoholic fog.  Very young and needs a long sleep.  revisit in about 2018.


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