Miscellany I

Linc has his Odds and Ends, Michel has his Garage. I have Miscellaneous stuff.  This weeks miscellany:

07 Stephane Aladame Montagny 1er Selection: Ripe citrus, peach, roast nuts.  Nougat.  Butterscotch and this bottle beginning to show some advancement.  Very good wine, particularly for the money

Ployez Jacquemart Brut Selection NV: Lots of colour in this wine.  Brioche nose, and the same bruised geen apple and lemon palate as a year ago.  Bready notes, and aldehydic character as the wine warms. Sweet fruit here which shows with food.  Excellent aperitif style when cold and shows more weight when warm. Me likey.

08 Domaine des Espieres les Sablets: Has filled out nicely with time.  Elegant redskin fruits splashed with pepper.

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