Miscellany 6

NV Henri Billiot Cuvee Tradition: This is a big beasty.  A big aldehydic nose of lemon shortbread and bruised green apples.  A big hit of strawberry and brioche to begin, and again the rich biscuity aldehydic elements on the palate with some savoury undergrowth.  Broad and filling back palate too, this is indeed a food wine.  Does this have a load of pinot meunier in it? No, but 75% pinot noir, and not the lemony thing Iv’e seen written into some reviews

2012 Turkey Flat Butchers Block White:  Marsanne Rousanne Viognier.  Waxy white flowers, prickly acid, and lovely texture here.  More remarkably, I came back to this bottle 11 DAYS LATER, to find it still alive and well, and showing the same textural goodness with the lemon rind and white flower, and brown spicy goodness hanging on.  An unexpected outcome.

2010 Felton Road Block 2 Chardonnay:  Now this is seriously good.  Cashew and white peach, creamy nougat, well judged nutty oak cradles all of this nicely.  Piercing lemon acidity through to a chewy finish.

2004 Castagna Genesis Syrah:  My first look at the 04.  Still inky dark.  Smells like you’d expect.  Black olive, blackcurrant pastille show off a ripe year.  On the palate these are joined by black cherry, some of the viognier influences in white pepper, musky florals, and a touch of dried apricot.  Just the right amount.  While the flavours are dense and satisfying, the palate weight doesn’t overawe, this is quite red meat friendly, with the right tannins and acids to cradle the fruit and make it all work beautifully with a T-Bone.  May be close to its peak.  More integrated on night 2.  Rosalie didnt like it – too “musky”.

2007 Dr Loosen Erdener Pralat Auslese Godlkapsel:  Sweet, piercing and seems to have have intense passionfruit…but doesnt.  Picks up a plasticene like character – possibly very lightly corked.

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