Melbourne Gin Company – Gin and Tonic

There are times when wine just wont do.  Like at 5pm on a balmy Brisbamelbgin_webne day, sun going down, too early for dinner.  I like the London Dry style, and this one is an absolute cracker.  Their website is fairly minimal, but a bit of research says the people behind this are part of the Gembrook Hill family in the Yarra Valley – so there is a wine connection.  The infusions in this are lemon myrtle, grapefruit, rosemary, macadamia, juniper and coriander, angelica root, sandalwood and cassia bark as well.  Two missing – they claim 11 infusions.  This is cloudy in the glass, and bone dry.  The botanicals are just lovely in their herb and spice way.  Sipping mine with tonic water, but would make a most interesting Martini.  About $70 – Cru Bar and Cellar, James St.

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