Leroy Pommard “Les Vignots” 2001

Leroy Pommard Les Vignots 2001

This isn’t really a tasting note, more of a tasting vibe. But as it happens we went out on Saturday night for a dinner and amongst a gaggle of tremendous wines, we had this one. And it was not a hard and tannic beast as I was expecting (which is normally a quality a wine from the Pommard would exhibit), but it was exotic, smelling of Middle Eastern spices, slowly morphing during the evening; really quite captivating. The palate possessed a lovely body and weight, stalky (which is something I didn’t originally like) and really quite impressive. I wish I had more, or could afford to buy more. Ballpark 92 points for me.

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2 Responses to Leroy Pommard “Les Vignots” 2001

  1. michel says:

    Compelling for me
    Exotic spices
    Lieux dit village
    93-94 wsp

  2. Wizz says:

    Ditto. 94 from me. Sumac, musk, nutmeg, cinnamon spice. Outstanding wine in an outstanding group of wines – one of the best collections I’ve sat down to at dinner.

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