Josef Chromy “Pepik” Pinot Noir 2011

Josef Chromy "Pepik" Pinot Noir 2011

I just got this from the local Purple Palate on a two for $40 special. Not sure how special that is. By-the-by, not a bad range and very helpful staff. Almost too helpful. A little musky, strawberry fruits. With time, the palate lifts nicely. Started off a bit hollow on the palate, but opens out for good mouthfeel and a sappiness. It was never particularly fruity; a lightish bistro style. Not complaints from me. 85 ish points.
Screwcap. 13.0%. Around $20 retail. Drink 2012-2015.

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3 Responses to Josef Chromy “Pepik” Pinot Noir 2011

  1. Wizz says:

    Can be had at $16.

  2. Lincoln says:

    It can be sluttish :blush:

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