Favourite Things – 19 August

Upside down Miss Jane.

But I’m sure you all get it.  Not drinking much these days, so when I do it is my favourite things.

2008 Schafer Frohlich Kupfergrube Großes Gewachs Riesling

If there’s one striking thing about this wine it is power.  Unusual to see the Riesling grape, with all its heritage of delicacy, subtlety and balance make a wine which all those things and is power packed.  Id’ speculate that is what the Großes Gewachs designation is all about, and it might be further argued these wines should compete with the best from Corton and Montrachet.  Whetehr this wine competes or not is moot, this is a different style, but it remains a thing of beauty.

Clearly spatlese weight, and the front palate briefly deceives that this is going to be a sweet wine with its oranges, nectarines and creaming soda flavours.  What comes next is rich rather than sweet, showing more herbal, lightly toasty elements from 4 years since vintage.  The mid palate weight here is astounding, and the flavours persist for an age, into a tingly acid finish that shows the first honeyed notes of four years in bottle.  Starting to drink well now, but leave a little while longer to integrate properly.  Demands richer foods – seafood with creamy sauces.  91/100

2007 Domaine Fourrier Chambolle Musigny

Plenty of purple to brick red color in this.  Dusty hessiany blackberry fruit pastille nose here, a first hint at the ripe fruit on the palate which is more than I’d expect from a villages wine.  And indeed the flavours are very new world, in the ripe blackberry, ribena spectrum with light touches of custard and vanilla.  Still primary, underpinned by fine tannin to give good length and persistence in a wine that lingers and settles across the mid palate, albeit with some angular acids.  Not quite what I expected, but no regrets here. 87/100



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3 Responses to Favourite Things – 19 August

  1. Lincoln says:

    Another 07 Fourrier…. I have just found my stash and am a bit discouraged…..

  2. Andrew says:

    Tried to send mine to Auction. Some returned to sender due to the evidence of past weeping – that they arrived with fresh from the importer. >:-(

  3. Michel says:

    Ok lets do the regular- these burgundy leak as we have overfilled them routine!!!
    Having said that I will never buy them again but will deal with what I have…

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