Epis Pinot Noir 2004

Epis Pinot Noir 2004

Found this one lurking in a corner. A lot of confection, caramel and spice, with a plastic-like greenness and stalk. Nothing much interesting going on with the palate; simple and sweet, with some sappy characters, a bit hollow and acidic in the mid-palate, with bitter tannins on the finish. Weird for a ten year old wine. One to blend with a big juicy Shiraz. Highly rated in some quarters, but I cannot see it. Sealed under Diam. 12.9% abv.

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2 Responses to Epis Pinot Noir 2004

  1. Neville says:

    I always disliked this wine!

  2. Lincoln says:

    You are wise!

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