Dario Princic Bianco 2011

Orange wines aren’t my thing.  But nor is being closed minded, and hence we sally forth into the wild frontier to confront unfamiliar things. There was all sort fo stark trek like temptation here about “boldly going” too.

Cloudy salmon pink orange in the glass.  Smells like the potassium that comes from lots of skins contact, but not a lot else.  On the palate this give the impression of a neutral variety, semillon or perhaps pinot grigio or bianco, that’s been left on skins and solids for a while – peach fuzz, gingery pears, oxidative notes, all in a taut, fruit package lavishly garlanded in natural winemaking.  Texturally this tastes like it has little bits of pulp left in it.  Long phenolic finish here, has its appeal. Just the same on night 2 compared to night 1.  This will certainly have its fans and its clearly well made and without fault within this style.

My drinking partner thought this was hideous.  I am more tolerant.

A bit of googling reveals it is indeed Pinot Grigio and Bianco with some Chardonnay too.

Unscorable – I have no idea if this is good or not.

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