Château Montus Madiran Cuvée Prestige 2003

Château Montus Madiran Cuvée Prestige 2003

Almost another one from the back of the cellar, but the bright red colour disqualified it from that classification. A tough little critter this one, made from Tannat. Good colour (as I mentioned), meaty and earthy, pencilly and gravelly nose, a portent of the muscular tannins to follow. And it does not fail to deliver. Rich-ish fruits slightly overwhelmed by chalky and chewy tannins, the sort that get stuck between your teeth. Dry stones too. Good length, albeit drying, but really needs something robust and/or greasy to accompany it. A meat-lovers pizza perhaps? No overripe characters, which is nice to see. About $45 on purchase 6 years ago. Why you ask? I dunno…. I was just experimenting. Drink 2014+. 87 points. Cannot say I would buy it again, fwiw.

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  1. Craig says:

    Nice blog. We are big fans of the wines made from the tannat grape in Madiran in the pyrenees. Even amongst critics and wine lovers in France the wines of this region are being talked about. They speak about a renaissance witha rapid improvement in quality as winemakers apply modern methods to grapes from ancient and proven vineyards that have been growing grapes since Roman times . As well as Chateau Montus, leading producers include Producteurs Plaimont and Domaine Crampilh. The current exchange rate also means this wines are now very competitive. Bravo for giving them a try- and you should try again!

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