Brisbane Book Club Annual General Meeting – 1 October 2011

1 October was the Annual General Meeting of the Brisbane Bookclub.  Lincoln, Michel and Andrew all present with honourable guest Hugh, and normally honourable but Collingwood supporting Mark.  There was some discussion about a book, which was accompanied by a few drinks.

Rene Geoffroy Brut Empriente:  This bottle oxidized – drinkable but out of form.

Charles Melton Sparkling Shiraz, 2005 disg:  On release this was confrontingly sweet and primary, but it has settled to show a lovely mushroom character along with its red cherry fruit.  Tasty.

Wallabies sixty something Russia 22.  How did Russia score 22 points?  AFL has started, and Mark’s Rabbit Rillette pies are in the oven. Tasty treats these are!

2009 Eldridge Pinot Noir: Also tasty – limpid red pink colour, satisfying strawberry and cream character.  Lovely balance, very drinkable.

2005 Rapet Corton Pougets: Showed to us blind – not immediately picked as Burgundy.  More old world tannin than the wine before it, also developing early secondary characters.  Lovely wine.

2009 Stoniers – Family Vineyard Pinot Noir:  I thought northern Italy.  Others thought Rhone.  Loved the tannins on this, fruit was ripe and warming.

00 La Spinetta  Vigneto Starderi Vursu Barbaresco:  Decanted for some time, showed leathery, tarry rosepetals.  Liked this a lot as a food wine.

Halftime and the game is tight – some good hard Geelong Collingwood football but still plenty of points being scored.  Linc’s Chicken Curry Pies are on the plate and are also very tasty!

98 Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet: Showed blind:  Some called for northern Italy again, others (ie me) claimed this was tempranillo, with its earthy dark cherry and raspberries.  The howls of laughter and appreciation when this was unmasked showed the spirit of the day, although I’m sure I’ll be reminded for years that Koonunga Hill has never had tempranillo in it…

98 Wynns Michael Shiraz:  Hello – new world here in its chocolatey oak showing, but I would never have guessed Coonawarra.  I quite liked this, with the mindset that “this is how warm climate wines should be made”.  Oddly about ¾ of the bottle remained – I would have gone back for more had I realized that, but I was beginning to get disoriented by now…

03 Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier: Shows the apricot tinges you’d expect but not violently.  By now I was fading fast, the Cats had done their job and England were wearing down Scotland.

Its over – thank goodness the Cats have prevailed and the world is a normal place again.  This is the last hurrah for the Cats – next year they will fade.  Andrew says they will finish 7th or worse, Lincoln says they will still finish 6th or better.  Among the alcoholic fog that is well and truly rolling in by now, there is apparently a bet made – the size of which will depend on whether I win or not… 🙂

In the meantime Tonga has beaten France and Scotland have England on the ropes – well, for about 75 minutes they did…

06 Schloss Lieser Niederberger Helden Auslese Langhe Goldkapsel Riesling:  A house favourite in fine form today with its honey drenched tropical fruit salad.  Should live for an age, and accompanies the prune and custard tartlets very nicely.

And after an afternoon of fun, frivolity and tasty pies – 12 hours sleep.

And Bookclub rolls on for another year.



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2 Responses to Brisbane Book Club Annual General Meeting – 1 October 2011

  1. Wizz says:

    One wine missing – an 09 Woodlands Pinot Noir – I’m afraid I cant remember which one. That’s some novelty trying a Pinot from Margaret River, but it was quite OK. ‘fraid I don’t remember any more…

  2. Lincoln says:

    oh, I remember that one…. just….

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