Aviation Gin

Its been a good run with these Gins.  Here’s another winner in a different style, this time from the USA – Portland in fact.


This one site more in the fuller flavoured citrus spectrum, orange peel specifically.  There are licorice spectrum flavours to give this its point of difference, from the anise seed and sarsaparilla botanicals.  Juniper and coriander are ever present, making this round and cuddly, full flavoured, with a warm zing on the finish. Most satisfying.

Getting into dangerous territory where flavour discernment is getting a bit more practiced, and more than one gin is required in the house – and this would fit into the entourage very nicely.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Postscript – after a few goes at this Gin, the Sarsparilla can get a bit oppressive. Perhaps think of it as a Winter Gin. Go the Vedrenne or Melbourne Gin Company for summer.

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