An introduction

Welcome to GrapeScott. After a few years of writing notes on other peoples’ websites I have decided to do my own. Luckily, the cost isn’t exorbiant and modern web authoring software makes it pretty easy to do it yourself. So, over the coming days and months, and hopefully years, I will post my impressions of wines that I think are noteworthy in some way. They could be simply an excellent wine (eg a Rousseau Chambertin), or a well known label (eg. a Wynns Cabernet), or a wine that interests me, or a wine that is plain awful and should be avoided. For the most part, these will be wines I have purchased myself, or have shared through the generosity of a friend. I will also sometimes review a sample from a retailer or a winery; this will be plainly stated. I will also periodically upload old reviews which might be of interest to you. These will posted with the original post date so won’t appear at the top of the blog, so either use the Search function or note the Category sidebar for wine regions of interest to you. I hope you enjoy the site.

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4 Responses to An introduction

  1. David Lole says:

    Good one, Lincoln. Great to see your new site! I’ll attach a link to mine.

  2. David Lole says:

    What’s happening, Linc?

  3. Adam says:

    Nice work Linc….looks good.

  4. ChrisH says:

    Good on you Lincoln. I’ll add you to my favourites post-haste !

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