AC/DC Back in Black Shiraz 2010

AC/DC Back in Black Shiraz 2010

How could I resist? Though I am not listening to AC/DC as per the serving suggestion on the back label; something a bit more sedate for me I think. Produced by Warburn Estate in the Riverina district, apparently from Barossa fruit. Plums with some cedar and spice. A cheap and abrasive palate, thinly fruited and hollow. A vinegary acidic finish. Okay for drunken guests at 11pm, but tough going otherwise. 13.5% abv, sealed under screwcap. $15 from Dan Murphys, which is about $10 too much. 80 points.

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3 Responses to AC/DC Back in Black Shiraz 2010

  1. David H says:

    And you weren’t tempted to try another bottle to confirm it? 🙂

    OK, my apologies, I’ll never again suggest something so rash. I’m glad you came to no harm. Don’t put it in the bolognese, either.

    Mea culpa, mea culpa …

  2. michel says:

    Are you ok linc?
    David i request you drink one bottle each night for a week!

  3. David H says:

    Michel, when you said there may be consequences, I didn’t think they’d be that severe!

    Besides, I read a slightly unfavourable review.


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