2013 Ridgemill Estate Amphora Orange Wine

Title edited and link to bottle image added after the first two comments below received.

Now here’s a rare wine in very respect.  Made from Sauvignon Blanc Viognier and Verdelho, on the Grantie Belt in Queensland.  Made in an amphora – one only – which sits proudly on display in the Ridgemill cellar door.  Under screwcap in a 500ml bottle, and sensibly so, this is the kind of wine you might only want a glass or two of, unless these high skin contact wines light your fuse.

The colour is a tad darker than you’d expect for a 1 year old wine, but its the aroma when you first know this isn’t from the cookie cutter.  Musky at first, moving to acetone, then a skinsy ripe citrus peel laid across passionfruit and melon.  The taste is immediately pithy tangy citrus, laced with musk and infused with heaps of gingery, apricotty phenolic skin contact.  These pokes about a bit here and there, and is good for a glass or two.  Its flavour profile that carries this, and there isnt any great deal of acid and of course no oak invovled.  No idea how to rate it, but I suspect it is good, somewhere around the 86 or 87 mark on the Book Club scale.

Couldnt may my hands on a bottle image – but There is one on the QWine blog here.

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3 Responses to 2013 Ridgemill Estate Amphora Orange Wine

  1. Andrew,
    I just have a comment regarding your post/review of the Ridgemill Estate Orange Wine as you refer to it. Unfortunately, this would indicate that it comes from the Orange region in NSW not the Granite Belt. We in the Orange region are trying to influence wine promoters, media, hospitality to adopt the term ‘amber’ for skin contact white wines as there is no region in the wine world called ‘amber’ but there is one called ‘Orange’ and we would like to limit consumer confusion. Afterall, we no longer make champagne, chablis or claret in Australia and Orange wine, protected by GI law in Australia, can only come from the Orange Region. I hope you understand our position and can help limit consumer confusion with your future posted. Kind Regards, Drew Tuckwell, Winemaker, Printhie Wines, Orange NSW

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Andrew,
    The Ridgemill Amphora was made from Viognier and Verdelho not Sauvignon Blanc as suggested.
    Good point re the 500mL too. These wines are good for a glass or two so a smaller bottle makes sense.


  3. Andrew says:

    Thanks for your feedback Gents,

    I’ve updated the post title to accurately reflect what appears on the label, and also to correct Sauvignon Blanc to Viognier. The only label image I could locate was on the QWine blog, I have linked to it.


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