2008 Traversa Starderi Barbaresco

P1020230The strange thing about this wine is that it looks old…and at first whiff, it smells old.  Its a limpid red that looks like its turning orange.  And the aroma is full of soy sauce – hints of a 30 year old wine. But its just turning 5?

Aaah, just needs some time to breathe.  Along with the soy theres a minty, leathery, raspberry aroma here, some cinnamon and cedar cupboard smells.  Unexpected combination that.  And sipping this is seriously delightful.  Opens with the same minty freshness and redcurrant, then a milk chocolatey element, plum skins, jubey berry fruits, cedar, tealeaf and a bright twist of acid on the finish, perhaps the citrussy kind?  This is complete and warming, and coiled and dense.  Closed, coiled power you get from a wine thats too young, with a whiff of spearmint again on the finish.

Serious.  Me wanty some more. 93/100

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