2008 Pyramid Valley Lions Tooth Chardonnay


There’s been a fair bit if controversy among about the Pyramid Valley Pinot Noirs of late, at least among my personal drinking circles.  The micro-production chardonnays (50 cases!) have been collecting stunning reviews and I’ve never got around to opening one.  Anticipation and trepidation.
There’s a lot of colour on this, for a four year old chardonnay.  Seeing this much golden yellow so soon raises the spectre of oxidation or at least a rapidly advanced wine, which would be a disaster under a screwcap.  But the smells and tastes on offer here are something quite different…
This has hallmarks of a top chardonnay, hazelnuts, cashews, nougat, cumquat rind and peaches to smell.  Inviting and intriguing, expressive but still coy.  There are worked, oxidative, oyster like  elements in the palate profile, probably a reflection of the wild yeast ferment and 10 months on lees.   It’s a melange of nougat, cashews, cumquat and quince, with some crushed rock minerality and a seaspray element going on here.  Piercing lemon lime acidity on an insistent finish.
A sitting down, thinking wine.  Me likely very much.  93/100.



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3 Responses to 2008 Pyramid Valley Lions Tooth Chardonnay

  1. Michel says:

    I havent tried the chard- but drank 5 bottles of pinot the last 4 months- and all had no faults- apart from being idiosyncratic- i am tolerant of wierd pinots…..

  2. Wizz says:

    I’ve got a couple of the other Chards – I’ll save for next Bookclub meeting,

  3. Neville says:

    What vintages Michel?

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