2007 Blackwood’s Vintage Dry Gin

blackwoods 07So I’m on a bit of a Scottish island hopping thing, moving from Islay to Shetland here.  What is it with the Scots and Gin?  Damn, they make some good ones for those who are bored with malt whisky, if that were ever possible.

Wild water mint, sea pink (whatever that is), Elderflower, as well as the usual gin list  see the Blackwoods Website for more. – http://blackwoodsgin.net/index.php

Unusual that this is vintage labelled, which is a surrogate for batch numbering in this case.  I like the philosophy,  locally gathered herbs sustainably hand picked across the Shetland summer, vintage variation.

For all this, its a strangely subtle dry gin.  The juniper significantly dialled down, and the sweeter things like Elderflower show through in their subtle way.  I’m surprised things like liquorice, turmeric and nutmeg don’t show through more, even overpower.  be patient with this, it grows on you.  Me likey muchy.  Seek this out if you like a dry martini.

About $60, found this at a First Choice liquor barn.  Who knew.

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  1. Graham says:

    I really like this gin, subtle and delicate.
    I think sea pink is a type of seaweed from memory, interesting that it states distilled on the Scottish mainland so as to avoid any confusion that it’s distilled in Shetland

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