NV Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial

Gifted to me as part of a property transaction.  Fish and chips – so there you go.

I guess with large scale, NV production runs like this you don’t know what you’re going to get, in terms of quality ex Chateau, and also whats happened to the bottle since then.  This has been good in the past, but not this time.

Vibrant energetic mousse, green apple, traces of autolysis and yeastiness, but not much interest after that.

There are much better bubbles out there than this bottle, both Champagne and Australian, for similar money.

85 BCP

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Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA

Copper / Amber colour,  Coffee and citrus peel nose.  Strong milky coffee, citrus pith, some creaminess and well…thats about it.  Just  a touch of bittering hops but no more, and they taste like hops!  Could do with some more roundness and mid palate oomph.  Pleasant enough.  $22 a sixpack.

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2009 By Bernstein Gevrey Chambertin

Seeking a bigger pinot, I recalled how these looked when presented as young wines.  So why not, to accompany a pie.

Well – this fades in and out.  There is some lovely chewy dense primary red fruit, all pulpy and akinsy like walking through a winery during ferment. Pippy tannins too.  And in other mouthfuls there is a stripped, nailpolish remover bareness and raspy acids.

Not sure what to think about this. Unrateable, for now at least.

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2009 Louis Jadot Beaune 1er

This is the 150th anniversary wine that seemed to slink into Australia without notice let alone fanfare. Shame – its lovely.

Limpid pink red.  Floral and lifted with cherry skin appeal.  Rosepetal and cherry to start, blossoming into blacker fruits and licorice straps.  Grippy fruit tannins, and some honeycomb notes which may be a little oak.

Tight finely tannic finish, lovely with food now and will hold on and develop for some time.  92 BCP

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2014 Yeringberg Viognier

Wow, this is truly ginger juice.  Spiced dried apricots, and that stem ginger prickle.  Nicely balanced and expressed flavours, a strong quartz like mineral presence here too, with some acids and grape pip tannins on the close which is warm with ginger spice.  The texture becomes slick and oily if this is let warm up too much.  Which is solved by not letting it warm up to much.

I’m 90 BCP on this but it is a one glass wine for me.  YMMV, some would rate this very highly.

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Pirate Life Throwback India Pale Ale

So I was shopping for a new beer to try, and I saw this one: “Pirate Life” and “IPA”, that’s 2 ticks, but then noted the different coloured tin, and the declaration of 3.5% abv. Hmmmm I thought…. another mid-strength IPA. Do I, don’t I? Without any further research, I bought a slab, as I usually do. I am now 4 tins in the case, and I am profoundly disappointed. What are they thinking? A pleasant amber in colour, with some nice tropical aromas (similar fruits to the standard IPA) and some pine needles, and then a palate that showed hops, some biscuity notes and finished with pine needle dryness. This might sound okay, but there is a complete lack of oomph and body; honestly, it tastes watered down. Too bland to get really upset about, excepting the next 20 tins. $75 for the case. 80 points. Not recommended.

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2009 Felton Road Calvert Pinot Noir

My first look at this in four years.  Back then it was one of those worrying Central Otago Pinots that weighed in at 14.5% alcohol and was all coffee and cola.  So to accompany a goat pie dinner, I wondered how this might have evolved.

But I didn’t get to find out.  This bottle  was delivered by a man named Brett, in an aluminium flask, accompanied by his dog, riding a horse through a rainstorm.  Shame, there are some lovely dark fruits underneath, and its not showing 14,.5% or overt ripeness now, just the fruit, and evolving slowly.  Tannin is a soft lick acids resolved.

N/R.  Shame that.

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2015 Willi Schaefer Graacher Feinherb Riesling

Under Screwcap – a breath of fresh air (well, not literally) for German Riesling.

Pale colour, delicate flavours and just a lick of sweetness. I used to hate this style, as the flavour profile isnt carried by either the sugars or the acids.  But I get it now, the charm is in the delicacy.  Gin and tonic, lime pith, just a drop or two of passionfruit, pineapple skin. Food friendly and smashable right now without any thought, BUT linger a while and there’s heaps of acids and other phenolics to hold it all together as it unfurls over a few hours into something denser and more powerful, or over a years.

About $35 on release, although I see the 2016s are already being offered in Aus.  11% ABV 90+ BCP.

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2008 Joh Jos Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese Riesling

Such a beautiful baby. Nearly 9 years old and still youthful.  The 2000s made for a stellar run of vintages, with this being one of the lesser regarded ones by many.

Crystyalline and filigreed, sulphur coat is largely gone now, this is yellow and whiter flowers nose touched with vanilla, a delicate yellow fruits at first fanning out to a tropical, citrus spread on the back palate wit a dusting of icing sugar.  Shows its all of its vineyard and its makers hallmarks.  Clean and pure, brilliant with chilli prawns.  7.5% ABV.  About $70.  93 BCP.

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Hawkers IPA

Cloudy Amber.

Creamy bead here. Caramel & toasted grains, citrus pith running through the palate lacing it all together, clean, uncomplicated finish.  No outward sign of the 6.5% alcohol, this is very nicely balanced, easy to contemplate and complex enough to enjoy.  Nice.  $5/btl.

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