2010 AJ Adam Dhroner Hofberg Kabinett

weingut-a-j-adam-dhroner-hofberg-riesling-kabinett-mosel-germany-10634877 In the universe of German Riesling there are makers who produce delicate, subtle nuanced wines, and there are those who make power (for riesling, anyway) packages.  This is the latter.

From a vintage that was both ripe and rippling with acidity, 6 years have added depth and richness to a slatey sulphured lime rind and apricot nose, this must be borderline spatlese.  Juicy, pithy orange, slatey goodness, and a chord of acid that rings like a bell to bring in a juicy lipsmacking finish.  High class stuff that still has years ahead of it.  Outstanding. 93 BCP.

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2013 The Islander Estate “Old Rowley” Shiraz Grenache

2013_the_islander_estate_old_rowley_shiraz_grenacheI think I have reviewed this before, but will do so again as I’m quite taken with this wine. Shiraz Grenache from Kangaroo island, which shows its cooler climate in a more elegant version of this blend than many.  Nicely medium bodied, dark brambly forest berries and glossy cherries, now showing some olive tapenade over a nicely structured tannin frame,  that all flows very nicely and is well proportioned.  Of note – part of this wine goes through carbonic maceration, which helps with the softness and approachability.  Really nice wine, drink now.  89 BCP.

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10 Minutes by Tractor 10X Pinot Noir 2015

10 Minutes by Tractor 10X Pinot Noir 2015

From the “easy-drinking” range: younger vines, less new oak and less time in barrel. A dog’s breakfast of clones in this one:

Hand picked 2-24 March 2015. Clones MV6 (57%), 115 (33%), 777 (5%), G5V15 (3%) and Pommard (2%) from our Coolart (94%), McCutcheon (3%) and Judd (3%) vineyards. Yield 5.5 tonnes/ha (2.2 t/acre, ~33.0hl/ha).

Aromatically engaging, very big and punchy, the kind of wine you can smell even when the glass is a couple of feet away; cherries and stewed strawberries, with plummy notes and spice. Darker berries on the palate, with the spice and undergrowth. All very clean and proper. A very enjoyable and elegant pinot; probably the best in this price range that I’ve had this year. Screwcap. 13.5% abv. RRP around $35. 89 BCP

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Teusner “Joshua” Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2015

Teusner "Joshua" Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2015

From the Teusner website:

Typically a blend Grenache (68%) and a chunk of Mataro (23%) from 100 year old vines at Ebenezer blended with a splash of Shiraz (9%) from 20 year old vines at Gomersal

And I should add that it is unoaked, and in my opinion, all the better for it. A big attractive nose, large on spice and black berried fruits, with red currants and allspice. Juicy fruits on the palate, with a dried meat savoury characters. It has a lovely balance, soft and cuddly with supple tannins and full of flavour. RRP $35, but should be available cheaper if you shop around. 89 BCP. Drink now. 14.5% abv, and it would seem to me that the alcohol creeps up on you after a couple of glasses.

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Domaine Armand Rousseau Chambertin Clos de Beze Grand Cru 2007

Domaine Armand Rousseau Chambertin Clos de Beze Grand Cru 2007

Sell them or drink them? It is a question I often ask myself when faced with a wine from a great producer but in a less favoured year, at least from my perspective. In this case, my indifference to organising a shipment to the auctioneers won the battle. And I am glad. A lovely wine, elusively aromatic, so many things at different times, many fruited and multi-faceted, pretty floral characters with earthiness and musk, concentrated flavours, medium bodied and with excellent length. Drinking window-wise, right in the zone for me, but I believe that some will like it with more bottle age. Drink 2016-2027. 13.0% abc. 93 BCP.

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Domaine du Niagara “Arnaud Despres” Fleurie 2012

Domaine du Niagara "Arnaud Despres" Fleurie 2012

I can feel Andrew shaking his head, but I have been enjoying a few Beaujolais recently. His comment is generally “Beaujolais, pffffft”, and he gets a far-away look verging on a certain world-weariness. Or something like that.

Peppercorns, warm river stones, Mediterranean florals, baked earth and old cassia bark, with cherry and plum fruits. A savoury palate too, but nicely balanced for me, gravel/stone pitted against some ripe fruits, tangy and drying all the way through to the finish. Not refined or polished, but an interesting wine to try. 13.0% abv. Sealed under cork. Drink 2016-2020. 86 BCP

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2010 Fratelli D’Anna Brunello de Montalcino

Sangiovese is a wonderful thing, so food friendly and often made medium weight. fratellidanna-brunello

This example from Montalcino comes courtesy of the good folk at Mondo Imports and Boccaccio Cellars in Melbourne, specialists in all things Italian.  I believe is is a partnership with a Brunello producer made especially for this label, which is a rather pretty one.

A lovely wine here.  Cherry ripe, bitter chocolate, touched with a whiff of vanilla. Glossy yet medium weight, grippy stemmy stalky tannins.  Clearly sangiovese and clearly tasty. 14.0% ABV, around $80 I think.  91 BCP.

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Grandis Wines Rouge 2014

I found this on The Wine Emporium website:

“After years of essential and extensive trials, Grandis Wines of Well-being was officially established in 2006 with a mission to craft fine wines with the aided help of organic Australian ginseng. Creating a premium alternative wine product of high natural antioxidants aiming to ease the stress of the modern busy lifestyle that would appeal to the connoisseur, new-age and inquisitive wine drinker alike.

By infusing the Panax Quinquefolious ginseng (American strand) I am able to minimise sulphur dioxide additions in the wine making process. During the primary fermentation, the alcohol that is created, draws out the antioxidants and active ingredients in the ginseng, known as ginsenosides. The result is a wine of natural earthy herbaceous aroma and complexity. The integration is made seamless with the various varieties and wine styles I’ve made and plan on making in the future.” – Shannon Burgess-Moore, Winemaker

Grandis Wines Rouge 2014

I’m not really sure if any of this makes a better wine. I don’t really care about biodynamics or minimal sulphur or about tasting using a lunar calendar. Perhaps I’m an uncouth heathen. Anyway, this is a blend of 65% Hunter Valley Shiraz and 35% Hilltops Cabernet Sauvignon. As mentioned in the preamble, ginseng has been used in the winemaking. Well, it certainly smells quite stalky and herbaceous, but I’m not sure if it is ginseng-y. There are also redcurrants, red cherries and some smokiness and earthiness. The palate is even tempered, harmonious, lovely fruits backed by those herbaceous characters and a creamy texture. Very easy drinking, but I am not sure what to make of it. Are the vegetative characters distracting? I suppose they are not overwhelming; they are there, but there is certainly sufficient fruit to compliment them. And it does have an excellent texture. RRP $25. 88 points. Drink 2017-2020.

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2010 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir

farr_sangreal_bottleIts still Pinotfest at our house, this time with a little age.    and this one opens cloudy and aged-looking too.

The real test of a wine in our house is the wife test. And here – Mrs Wizz tracked me down from another room to tell me how good this is.  And it is.  Still needs a breathe at 6 years of age, and the blackberry, blueberry, forest floor and compost flavours slick across the palate and flow through very nicely indeed to a finish with a little wood spice and ripe, medium tannins.  Drinking well now, no need to hold longer.  Theres a lot of whole bunch and new oak according to the website, but that has all been absorbed nicely to make this a pleasant and complex drink.

I have this down as a $50 purchase on release, but the current vintage is $80.

91 BCP.

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Rusden “Ripper Creek” Shiraz Cabernet 2014

Rusden "Ripper Creek" Shiraz Cabernet 2014

And now a break from the Pinot Noir fest. This is apparently a blend of 80% Shiraz and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. A big nose, blackberry conserve, sarsaparilla root, juicy, with Christmas spices and a touch of leaf. Sweet fruits on the palate too, jammy with soft tannins and some earthiness; quite uncomplicated. If I was being harsh, I’d say hollow and sweet, but it is okay for its style. I was actually warned against this one, but I was spiteful and bought a bottle anyway. Drink with a nice steak at a BBQ. Sealed under cork (!!). 14.5% abv. RRP about $30 from the lovely folks at Cru Bar + Cellar in James Street. 82 points. Drink now.

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