2014 Burn Cottage Valli Vineyard Pinot Noir

burn-cottage-valli-vineyardSo Burn Cottage swapped some fruit with Grant Taylor, and with their inbound fruit they made this.  Red cherry & mocha are the early Central Otago tell tales.  Lifted and spicy, some quality new oak here too.  Buxom and attractive now rather than build for the long haul, although Ted Lemons wines have surprised me more than once when to comes to ageing. 88 BCP

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2015 Hoddles Creek Pinot Noir

Hoddles-Creek-Estate-Pinot-Noir-2015-Bottle-Shot-768x2526Foll tote on this is around $25, but seems to have been available below $20 – seriously??  $40 would still be reasonable.  Pop and pour, this a wall of spice dusted primary fruit and chewy fruit tannins.  Too young to drink this way.  24 hours in the fridge, and it’s a light on its feet, cranberried nose, sour cherry redcurrant cranberry palate, dusted with baking spice,  slick of cherry across the mid palate to a taut, acid etched finish settled nicely in a fine tannin frame.  Food friendly, as burgundian as Ive seen in Australian Pinot for a while, and a few years in bottle will do it good.  88 BCP, puts it on par with a lot of the Australian Pinots I’ve tried recently at higher prices.  Many will rate this higher

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2015 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir

StoneyRisePinotNoir__50116.1346211424.167.549Needs some time to open up.  Bright and fresh, strawberry and cream with cherry skins then boysenberry with time .  Redcurrant acid spine holds this in place.  Nice – drink now or age a bit, the acidity demands food. Just ticks 88 BCP

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Montalto Pinot Noir 2012

Montalto Pinot Noir 2012

Quite a big glossy nose, cherries and fine spices, some candy, red currants and a touch of forest floor. Red currants on the palate too, with tangy fruits and fine tannins. Initially there isn’t much length or depth, and though these both build with time, it is not sufficient. A touch of heat on the finish. The nose is very nice but is let down by a somewhat hollow palate. Will it fill out with time? 13,6% abv. Screwcap. 86? points. Drink now, or if you like a punt, leave it a few years. RRP in the mid $40 from memory.

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2014 Holyman Pinot Noir

HolymanPinotNoir__66403.1399526907.167.549Ooh, bigging up the fruit! juicy forest berry fruit driven pinot, joined by some lovely fruit spice over time.  Chewy, thick layer of tannin which is a little large for the fruit in this case, this all needs some time to settle down, although enjoyable now with food.  All this for only 12.5% ABV. 89 BCP

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2014 Sailor Seeks Horse Pinot Noir

SSH 2013 PNSmall berry fruit here, pure and pitch perfect, nicely dusted with spice on both nose and palate.  Some stemmy twiggy nuance and mushroom compost as well, and a touch of quality pencil shaving oak.  Lovely wine, nice length and presence, there is a cranberry acid line in here that’s really attractive and the fruit remains pure with all of its other elements weaving around it. 88+ BCP

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2015 Monkey 47 Distillers Cut Gin

monkey47 reserveThe standard Monkey 47 is quite something.  And this is something else again.

Hard to describe really – start with the riot of botanicals that is Monkey 47, then add a weighty earthy element which could be something like tumeric, and then something sweet and musky, perhaps rosepetals, and here you are.  The few people who have shared this bottle have all oohed and aahed.

Rare as hens teeth, but if you love your gin, seek it out.  Its going to be around $150 for 500ml.

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Domaine des Espiers “Sablet” Côtes du Rhône Village 2008

Domaine des Espiers "Sablet" Côtes du Rhône Village 2008

The second bottle opened tonight. The first was another corked bottle of French wine. I was initially pro-screwcap, and then pro-cork, but I think I am definitely back to being pro-screwcap. The screwpcap-ists have got their act together perhaps. Anyway, this is a wine from the Rhône. My first for a long time; I am stomping on old ground.

Initially raspberry brightness and minerals, but moves quickly to leather, with a hairy swish of the barnyard aromatics; not something I mind particularly, as long as it isn’t dominating or getting on the feral side. Palate is full, bulky red fruits that dry through the mid-palate, and also finish dryly, with a slap of iron filings. Pleasant enough, and much better with food as you would expect; yes, one of those again. Sealed under cork. 14.5% abv. Drink now. 85 points.

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2008 Schloss Lieser Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spatlese Riesling

lieser spatleseIt seems Thomas Haag has subtly vared the fruti souce fro this spatlese so many times, getting a matching label image isn’t straightforward.  The 2008 came from the Juffer Sonnenuhr vineyard, which is in the centre of the wider Juffer Vineyard, and produced subtly different wines (although tasting this with Wilhelm Haag many years ago I cant remember what the differences were).

Archetypal Lieser – tropical deliciousness, here – paw paw, orange segments, lime rind draped in passionfruit juice.  Feels a bit hedonistic but not over the top, or over ripe, and very yellow fruited without the blackcurrant that can come with auslese level ripeness – this is 2008 personified.  Acids are just right, and this drinks very well now.  90 BCP.

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2014 Olivers Taranga Tempranillo


Now McLaren Vale isnt my thing.  But i like the cut of Olivers Taranga’s jib, and particulary their work with spanish and italian grapes.    This is all you would exepct from tempranillo.  Black cherry, plum, roast meats, malty, vegemite elements, and a lick of pine,  Full of flavour, measured nicely and trimmed well with a touch of oak.  Some hard edges in its youth, but a few years in the cellar will see these right.  Goat pie with this was perfect.  88 BCP.

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